I am an Anglo-Irish sculptor, living and working at the edge of Ireland on an ever shifting delta. My work explores relational politics and power, ancient and modern symbolism & language, ritual spaces and sound. My practice has evolved into a cycle of collecting and making; of playing, recording and performing. Materials, objects, images and sounds all become raw material for a wide ranging and diverse artistic output. Performance, publication, projection mapped film and sound all form part of the permanent or ephemeral occupation of space.

By using cameras and microphones in a very loose way, opening the gate and allowing the world to enter, then manipulating the electronic signals, folding and layering almost beyond recognition, I am channelling ancient metalworking tradition into contemporary digital processes. The results are often divest of deliberate meaning and act to allow the synapses of the mind to interact more freely, in circumvision of consciousness.

I collect objects for their inherent sonic, visual or sculptural properties and incorporate them into my work, re-inventing and making instruments and images which in turn orchestrate and guide the composition of the completed artwork. My practice is a continued experiment; elements carried from one piece to another build a lineage and create openings into future works.