Ten weeks to Showtime


Thesis done and dusted, presentations made, one more career presentation this week and then it’s heads down for the push to the final year show. We’re showing in Wexford Arts Centre, which is a fine space but presents some very particular challenges. First off we are twelve artist vying for a space which usually accommodates two, there are two rooms of different sizes in a listed building and certain constraints are in place as to what is allowed to be built or altered. Because I plan to use primarily sound, the acoustic properties of the spaces are of special interest to me and from that perspective one space is worse that the next. The upstairs room has Georgian proportions; a high ceiling and wooden floors and while its not the worst space for sound there’s a hallway leading down to the street, and I expect there will be up to five people sharing the space. Downstairs is what the centre call the Pillar Room, granite pillars run along its length and with a concrete floor and granite walls there is not a soft surface to be seen – which results in an acoustic nightmare, any sound that is not lost to the scale of the room bounces around every hard surface creating a cacophony of confusion. Not ideal for the sonic artist. I have a seed of a plan to overcome these challenges but you’ll have to come to the show to see if I pull it off.


images courtesy Wexford Arts Centre


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